Litigation Support for Other Attorneys

As part of the firm’s litigation practice, we provide litigation support services to other employment law firms.  We find great satisfaction in preparing complaints, legal briefs for law & motion matters, discovery motions, and opposition to other dispositive motions.  The Law Office can prepare ESI preservation demands and litigation hold letters and can  draft and tailor eDiscovery that is relevant to the case and within attorney’s budget.  We can also prepare settlement mediation briefs and participate in settlement mediation with the lead attorney, and can assist with trial preparation by preparing all relevant pre-trial motions, jury instructions, voir dire, and post-trial motions.

The Law Office will perform these services at reasonable hourly rates established with the attorney and may separately negotiate flat fee for services agreements that are consistent with the type of services contracted for and the timeline required to produce the written product. 

Should you need any assistance with these matters, please call 510-735-9986 or email Janis Eggleston directly at