Public Sector Employees

The Law Office of Janis E. Eggleston provides legal services to city, county, school district, and University  employees who have employment disputes with their employers.

We provide the following services to public sector employees:

      • Representation at  due process hearings when faced with discipline or termination;
      • Termination appeals;
      • Address issues not otherwise covered by the union contract;
      • Protect employee privacy;
      • Prevent invasive search and seizures;
      • Create reasonable accommodations for disabled employees;
      • Facilitate the use of Family Medical Leave;
      • Prepare internal administrative complaints and complaints with the DFEH or EEOC for harassment, discrimination, retaliation and whistle-blowing issues;
      • File CA Govt. Claims Act presentation notices;
      • Pursue PAGA claims for violation of the Cal. Labor Code; and
      • Preserve electronic stored information and communications, including those related to e-mail hacking of privileged communications with union representatives.

Some of the public sector employees that we have represented in the Bay Area have been employed by:

      • Fire Districts;
      • Water Districts;
      • School Districts;
      • Trial Courts;
      • Cities and Counties; and
      • the University of California.