Services for Small Businesses

The Law Office of Janis E. Eggleston provides a variety of legal services to small businesses.  These services include:

        • Defense of uninsured workers’ compensation claims;
        • Wage issues;
        • Termination;
        • Protection of industry reputation; and
        • Advancement of defamation claims.

Creation of Modified Work and Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Employees

Employers are required to accommodate disabled employees. The Law Office will  help the employer engage in a good faith interactive process with the employees and will strive to create the best mutually acceptable accommodations so that a disabled employee can continue to perform the essential functions of their job.

Corrective Action When Faced with Discrimination or Harassment Allegations

When faced with claims of harassment or discrimination, the Law Office will recommend the appropriate corrective measures to be taken by the employer.  The Law Office’s proactive focus is designed to resolve problems and avoid the harsh economic realities of litigation.

The Law Office generally performs these services on an hourly fee basis but will consider a flat fee for services fee arrangement if required by the employer. The fee arrangement will be separately negotiated at the onset of the representation.